Welcome to the Children's Dyslexia Center of Springfield - A Scottish Rite / Masonic Charity, bringing the joy of reading and learning to children with dyslexia.

Dyslexia is estimated to affect more than 2 million school-age children in the United States. Although these children typically have average or above-average intelligence, their dyslexia can create difficulties not only with reading, writing and spelling but also with listening, thinking, talking and arithmetic. These academic problems can lead to emotional and self-esteem problems throughout their lives.

With early diagnosis and appropriate instruction, these children can learn, and enjoy learning, at their own age level. But programs to treat dyslexia have been few and far between. Most communities have little or no funding to support the facilities and staffing needed to properly address the disability.

Since 2008, the Valley of Springfield has joined in the mission of the Children's Dyslexia Centers, Inc. to provide free specialized training and tutoring to children with dyslexia. It is our aim to equip these children with the skills and confidence they need to approach learning with eagerness and without fear.

Contact us to learn more how we can make a difference in your child's life, forever!

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